a revolution that has not been yet

A project by María Rojas Arias
Installation. Loops 16 mm, video and photography

Casa Museo Jorge Eliécer Gaitán
Premio Salón de Arte Joven FUGAA

“-A revolution that has not been yet- by María Rojas, shows in the rooms of the House Museum Jorge Eliécer Gaitán – and related to objects of the family memories of Gaitan – moving pictures of a family memory refered to Los Bolcheviques del Líbano (The Blosheviks of Líbano). The unavoidable tension towards the picture that the memory expresses finds here an opportunity for a privileged ethical verification: “By those who will come”, clarifies Walter Benjamin, “we do not pretend to be thanked for our victories, but to be remembered for our defeats”. Here, to remember has a very prolific and specific meaning; for the one who remembers, the past has the shape of that dream that, remembered upon awakening, has to be related to the world of wakefulness.

- A revolution that has not been yet- recalls Los Bolcheviques del Líbano there, where the past converges with the present as a same and prolific wakefulness: “the past”, again, in words of Walter Benjamin, “carries a hidden index that does not cease carrying it to the redemption”. (Alejandro Burgos)

La Vulcanizadora

With the support of
Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia
Casa Museo Jorge Eliécer Gaitán