the rebirth of carare

Directed by Andrés Jurado

16mm. Transfer 2K
21'  01''

The Rebirth of Carare is a 19 pages script for a slide shots presentation (diaporama) made around 1987 by the Association of Rural Workers of Carare (ATCC) and CELA Productions. Its fundamental purpose was to become an audiovisual manifesto that would allow the organization to expose the motivations of its conformation, the bets, and purposes of its life project, its future and the collective action strategies carried out until 1987.

However, the project seems to be unfinished. There is no copy of the slides or traces of the cassette in the archive preserved by the ATCC, and little or nothing is remembered of the project among the members of the Association. This film takes up the technical script and gives life to this slide show through a 16mm film as a recomposition and extension of this historical memory process.

Narrated by
Bruno Mazzoldi

La Vulcanizadora

With the support of
Fundación Sub / liminal

Cinema Festivals
2020 FidMarseille World Premiere
2020 FidMarseille. Premier mundial
2020 Muestra Internacional de Documental de Bogotá, Colombia
2020 Cámara Lúcida. Cuenca, Ecuador
2020 Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali. Colombia
2020 Festival Internacional de Cine Colombiano en Buenos Aires

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