we were always here, no?

Images, objects,actions and encounters
Curatorial conversation

Amanda de la Garza,
Andrés Jurado y
Christopher Cozier

Production Coordinator:
Luisa Giraldo Murillo

October 2017
Bogotá, Colombia

We were always here - no?

Let's start what we have come into the room to do –Fela Kuti

Starting in an empty room, through a sequence of actions, images, objects and encounters, we proceed, over the coming days, to collaborate. We seek to produce an awareness or to investigate multiple ways to have this conversation – how is the Guyanas imagined, and by extension the Caribbean, if at all, in Continental questions?

For some months, we talked about ways to begin and the form it should take. Via Skype, three persons, different countries, all asking questions and sharing materials, ideas and reaching out to artists. This conversation would not be possible unless a shared curiosity lead us to where this improvisational moment could take us in the future.

Luís Vásquez La Roche
Sandra Brewster
Hew Locke
Erika DeFreitas
Jeannette Ehlers
Christopher Cozier
Angélica Piedrahita
Vito Apushana